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So suddenly it's 7:15 and our little one is fast asleep with almost no fuss, and honestly,

we don't know what to do with all this extra time!  We haven't sat down and had dinner together like real people in probably a year.  We are so grateful to Christina. ~Shauna S.


My daughter was having a very hard time transitioning to a regular schedule around 6 months.  I contacted Christina, and with her expertise we were able to develop a schedule that made it so my my daughter would easily go to sleep.  I was able to also get my life back and function again.  ~Bonnie C.


Our daughter used to only sleep on top of me or in her car seat.  With Christina's

help, not only does our daughter sleep on her own in her crib, but also

sleeps for 12 hours at night and naps twice during the day!  We are so happy

and finally well rested.  We cannot thank Christina enough! ~ Heather & Ryan W.



Coming home from the hospital with a newborn can be very intimidating.  I contacted Christina and she helped me immensely with my son's sleep needs from day one.  Thanks to her, he had his days and nights figured out immediately and have been sleeping through the night since he was 9 weeks old.  No sleep training was required; I just followed Christina's tips from her newborn package.  He is the happiest baby and I know it's because he sleeps so well.  Thank you, Fairy Sleep Mother! ~ Melissa O.

Christina helped tremendously with my 6 month old daughter's sleep.  She now sleeps through the night and she learned how to put herself back to sleep.  The best part about it all is that I am able to put my daughter in her crib and she falls asleep on her own.  I never thought that was possible!  I used to have to either nurse or rock her to sleep.  I would definitely recommend Christina to anyone looking for more restful nights for the whole family! ~ Larissa R.

We co-slept with our first daughter for a year.  When my second child arrived, i oddly did not know how to put her to sleep in her own room.  When my daughter was four months old, Christina helped me establish an appropriate routine and schedule for her.  My husband and I decided on a method we were comfortable with for putting her to sleep.  It took a couple of weeks of work and constancy, but now at six months my daughter only wakes once a night to nurse.  I never thought it be possible that i can put my child in her crib completely awake, close the door, walk out, and she would fall asleep on her own!  Christina was a great support during the two weeks of sleep training and would always promptly respond to my e-mails providing valuable feedback during some sleep deprived moments.  Thanks to Christina's work, I have both kids in bed at 7pm!  Thank you Christina! ~ Jaime A.

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