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The Great Crib Escape

Has your toddler tried to climb out of their crib? Don't panic! Here are a couple of tips for keeping them in their crib longer. Transitioning to a toddler bed is not advised until your child is cognitively prepared to understand the rules of staying in a bed (usually after age 3). A toddler bed is your last resort! It will open up even more sleep challenges for you.

1) Turn their crib around so the higher end is facing out. This will make it harder to get their leg up and over. Remove any side furniture like a nightstand away from the crib. They may be using this to help escape.

2) Place your child in a sleep sack backwards and zipped up. This will make it harder to swing their leg up and over the crib rails. With it on backwards, even the most advanced motor skilled child will have trouble removing it.

3) Use a monitor and catch them in the act. Run in their bedroom before they jump and nonverbally place them down in their crib and leave. If they have already gotten out use a firm "no" and place them back in their crib and leave. Continue to do this over and over until they do not attempt to escape their crib and are asleep. Remember to not engage verbally with your child other than saying "no". Put them back in their crib and exit. Stay consistent. This may take a couple of nights before they learn these new boundaries.

Remember, placing a child in a toddler bed too early is not advised. With this new freedom that they are not ready to understand, it becomes an unsafe environment. They could possibly climb places, and risk the danger of heavy furniture toppling over.

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