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The start of school is right around the corner. We all know how important it is to maintain a health sleep schedule for our children. However, the more relaxed feel of summertime, vacations, and the sun staying up much longer can cause our schedules to take a back seat. 

It’s a great idea to start to ease slowly back into your normal routine and schedule. You don’t want to shock your poor child by waking them up much earlier than they are use to on the very first day of school. Feeling refreshed and energized will make for a much better first day experience no matter what age your child is, whether it be Pre-K or senior year! 

Here are some tips to get back to a great school day schedule: 

start to shift wake up time a little bit earlier each day 

serve meals and snacks at times that would coordinate with you child’s school 

do a refresher on your normal morning get ready routine 

post a morning schedule (use pictures for the younger ones) for your child to see the order of importance in which things need to get done

for children that are still napping- shift back the start of nap a couple of minutes each day

get back into eating dinner as a family or whatever normal dinner time routine your family has on a school night 

focus on the importance of a consistent bedtime routine and begin to practice it again with the whole family 

shift bedtime earlier by a couple of minutes each night until you reach the age appropriate bedtime for your child 

Remember,  a well rested child has the energy to sustain focus throughout the school day for optimal learning. Keeping sleep a priority for your family will benefit everyone. 

Have a great start to the beginning of a new school year! 

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